Work Stress Mechanism in Decreasing Turnover Intention Through Job Satisfaction

Abstract :

Turnover intention is a personal condition where employees actively seek work opportunities in other organizations. One of the causes of turnover intention is work dissatisfaction and the inability of employees to manage work stress. This study aims to test the traditional turnover theory by analyzing work stress mechanisms in reducing turnover intention through job satisfaction. Using 101 employee samples, this study was conducted by distributing questionnaires as the main instrument. The collected data is analyzed using Path Analysis to test the proposed hypothesis. The findings showed all hypotheses were accepted. Work stress has a significant effect on job satisfaction and has a significant effect on turnover intention. Job satisfaction has a significant effect on turnover intention. Furthermore, job satisfaction significantly mediates the effect of work stress on turnover intention. The findings of this study support the traditional turnover theory that employees who feel satisfaction at work tend to prefer to remain in the organization.