Work-Life Balance – Employees’ Private Lives As An Element Of The Concept Of Corporate Social Responsibility

Abstract :

In the current socio-economic conditions, people may experience a fusion of work and family life. This situation may lead to a disturbance between key areas of human life. Therefore, new challenges are emerging for Polish organizations in the field of work-life balance related to the organization of work and working time and the expectations of employees. The selection of CSR tools should be a response to the needs of diverse employee groups.

The paper presents the issue of balancing professional work with non-professional life in the context of CSR strategy. The first part of the paper is theoretical and was based on a literature analysis of the main issues and assumptions of the concept of corporate social responsibility in relation to employee issues. The second part is the presentation of the results of the survey. Its purpose was to obtain information on the expectations of employees of different generations towards the organization in terms of facilitating the reconciliation of professional and personal life.