Vulnerability Index Analysis for Sustainability of the Upper Citarum Watershed Ecosystem Function

Abstract :

Citarum is the largest and longest river in West Java Province, Indonesia with a watershed area of 6614 kmz and river length of 297 km. Citarum River plays an important role for socio-economic life, especially in West Java and DKI Jakarta. Citarum is also a major water supplier for industrial activities, however, in the last twenty years, environmental conditions and water quality throughout Citarum have been deteriorated. The impact of deteriorating water quality from the Citarum River is broadly classi?ed into health effects and environmental degradation also impacts the Upper Citarum River Basin. Because of that, river resilience measurement is needed quantitatively, resilience can be re?ected as the value of the vulnerability index. Vulnerability is de?ned as the potential for a system to experience damage. The vulnerability index method is a combination of 2 (two) indexes, namely the water stress index and adaptive capacity index. After analyzing the vulnerability index, an intervention strategy is needed to maintain the sustainability of the functioning of the Upper Citarum River Basin ecosystem. The vulnerability intervention strategy carried out consists of social interventions, extended producer responsibility (EPR) and corporate social responsibility (CSR), and policy interventions.