Verbal and Quantitative Algorithms for Assessing the University Management Quality

Abstract :

The important structural element of national higher education is the university. The level of specialists training in it is largely determined by the university management quality. This determines the importance of assessing of the university management quality. In practice, descriptive (verbal) assessments of the management quality (unsatisfactory, satisfactory, etc.) are often used. Therefore, the problem of validity of verbal assessment is important. The aim of this paper is to develop algorithms for quantitative assessment of the university management. The used database is information on the work of Russian universities. The research methodology is modeling and comparative analysis of empirical data on the activities of Russian universities. Conclusion: to improve the accuracy of the verbal assessment of the university management quality it is necessary to use quantitative estimates. The proposed model combines the construction of quantitative and verbal assessments of the management quality, which allows a more accurate verbal assessment of the quality of university management.