Utilization Of Internet-Based Live Video Streaming As An Alternative Media For Campus Television

Abstract :

Advances in communication technology that is so dynamic in the all-digital era now also penetrated the television media. Many platforms use the internet to reach a wider audience. No exception on-campus community television such as Suska TV using the Youtube account "Suska TV Official" took part in providing information to the campus community. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent of internet-based live streaming video into alternative communication media at Suska TV. The research method uses an interpretive paradigm with a case study approach. Data collection techniques using observation, in-depth interviews, and online search. The results found 3 factors utilizing live streaming video using virtual mixer technology and internet networks in Suska TV. First, it can generate live shows anywhere. Production of news broadcasts, campus programs, and events does not have to be done in Suska TV studios. Second, Following communication technology trends. Through a YouTube account, it gives freedom for the campus community to choose to watch the programs they want from their respective gadgets. Third, this alternative communication media makes it easy for Suska TV as a community television to continue to be productive through broadcast digitalization.