Uniformed Classes in Poland and Their Role in the Process of Shaping Young People’s Pro-Defense and Citizen Attitudes

Abstract :

The purpose of this article was to present the impact and role of uniformed classes in shaping civic and patriotic attitudes among young people. A study was conducted on a group of 1,100 students in uniformed classes. The main purpose of this study was to show the role of uniformed classes in shaping civic and pro-defense attitudes of young people. The study showed that uniformed class students highly value civic attitudes, such as helping other people both in Poland and around the world, as well as understanding and accepting other people's views and arguments. Controlling the government's work, paying taxes, complying with the law or participating in elections also plays an important role for them. In addition, the study showed that young people attending uniformed classes exhibit pro-defensive attitudes. Uniformed class students are people who support education for safety or access to firearms. These are people who declare their readiness to give their lives for their homeland in the event of an armed conflict or planning to start working in uniformed classes in the future.