Trends of Digital Technologies Implementation in Nonprofit Activities of Foreign Countries and the Russian Federation

Abstract :

The subject of the study is digital technology in nonprofit activities. The goal is to identify experience in the application of digital technologies in this field. Research hypothesis: Russian nonprofit organizations are in line with global trends of digital technologies implementation in the charitable and social activities. The method of comparative analysis of the use of digital technologies in the activities of foreign and Russian nonprofit organizations is applied. Results 1) The popularity of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing as elements of digital technologies is growing all over the world. 2) Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are innovative instruments of conducting charitable and social activities well developed in European countries and in the USA. 3) Russian Federation is in line with world tendency of expanding the use of digital technologies in nonprofit activities. 4) Though the dynamics is high, the volume of funds collected via online platforms in Russian Federation is much lower than in European countries and the USA due to a certain historic lag in the development of nonprofit activities.