Trends and Externalities of Urban Environment Development in Regional Systems of Russia

Abstract :

The article presents the results of a study of the relationship between the development of the urban living environment and the influx of human capital at the level of regional systems in the center of Russia. It is established that regions that have sufficient financial security and developed infrastructure, socio-cultural and educational facilities are more attractive for life. Urban agglomerations is a complex socio-economic system, the development of which must take into account the preferences of all groups of the population. The closest cause-and-effect relationship is between the influx of population and the volume of construction of residential real estate, hospitals, schools, and other socio-cultural facilities. To a lesser degree, the influx of people into regional systems is associated with the development of the commercial real estate market.?To assess the development of the urban living environment at the regional level, it is advisable to use ratings and indexes. The urban environment development index, which takes into account the most significant areas of urban agglomerations, can be used as a tool for providing an objective comprehensive assessment of the regions of the Russian Federation.