Transforming the Role of Human Capital in the Digital Economy

Abstract :

The article is devoted to research of transforming the role of human capital in the digital economy. The problem of modifying the role of human capital becomes particularly relevant in the context of digital transformation. Due to the growing trends in the transition to the digital economy, there have been a number of changes in the use and development of human capital. It becomes obvious that the availability of human resources and their involvement in the country's economy can provide an unprecedented growth of the state's economy. The transformation of the social and economic system has largely affected young people due to the greater sensitivity and high social mobility of the younger generation. Due to changes in the economic system, Russian youth have experienced changes in their attitude to various fields of activity. Special attention is required to analyze the formation, development and implementation of the human capital of young people in the labor sphere.?Based on the materials of sociological research among young people of the Volga region and secondary analysis of data from other studies, the human capital of Russian youth, life attitudes and values in modern conditions are considered. The article analyzes the impact of the current socio-economic situation on the features of effective use and development of human capital.