Toward Increasing and Investigating E-Tourism Data Warehouse through a Websites Analysis Strategy

Abstract :

Nowadays, the competition between companies of all fields focuses on the information provided to the customers. This guides us to confirm that the companies that perfectly manage their information related to their activities and know how to take advantage of the data that exist in their field are the companies that can keep an economic continuity. For this reason, the objective of this study is to work on an analysis strategy of websites especially for companies working in the field of tourism. This analysis will enable targeted companies to compete with their peers for informational competition to secure increased and investigated warehouses’ data.?This research is based on a multi-axis analysis as well as on a statistical study that collects the opinions of visitors on the used websites as case studies for this research.?The main obtained results include the fact that several websites have many weaknesses. This is something that influences their performance. In addition, it was noticed that several websites’ managers think that the performance of their product is based only on the number of visitors per day or the total of pages read in a specific period. In fact, these characteristics add nothing to the analysis when there are micro-conversions leading to macro-conversions.