Time Management in a Group of Working and Non-Working Students

Abstract :

The subject of this paper is time management in a group of students. The paper explained the meaning of the concept of time management and presented techniques and methods for effective time management. It pointed to various traps that lead to making mistakes, resulting in the waste of precious time. The paper described the authors’ own research on the level of knowledge about time management and the knowledge of and ability to apply time management methods within a study group. The research tool was a survey questionnaire composed of 21 questions. The research was conducted among 132 working and non-working students. The analysis of the survey results showed that the students surveyed were not familiar with the concept or techniques of time management, but employed such techniques unconsciously. Detailed data analysis did not reveal significant differences between working and non-working students in terms of the knowledge about time management and effective use of time management methods for implementation of a specified goal.??