The Use of the Repetitive Method of Rapid Assessment of a Company’s Ability to Automate – Case Study

Abstract :

The turbulent environment in which production companies operate today has forced them to constantly improve processes. Fast-paced technological advancement bring new and strong wave of disruption. Implementation of such solutions require knowledge not only in the technological and IT areas, but it also require a broader insight into the management, finance and human resources. Based on company’s study, authors of the article show the rapid and repeatable method of assessment all of the indicated areas.?Authors built audit method based on lean management, six-sigma, change management and theory of constraints problem identification, using interviews and observation mixed with data gathering and analysis from the ERP class system.?Considering quickness and repeatability of the Automation Readiness Check method in data gathering and analytical areas it brings clear view of constraints and risks that are shown to the enterprise in such a manner, which gives a clear direction of the process and management improvement efforts.