The Use of Instruments of Econometric Modelling to Identify Factors Determining the Perception of the Ethical Dimension of Business

Abstract :

The study relates to the identification of factors affecting the perception of the ethical dimension of business among entrepreneurs and employees of enterprises operating in Poland – the Silesian Voivodeship, the Poviat of Cz?stochowa. The formulated research task was performed on the basis of the subject literature and the results of the survey conducted in II and III quarter of 2019 among 456 employees, including 71 foreign workers. The empirical analysis workshop used the instruments of econometric modelling in the form of logit models, in which the determinants belonging to 5 categories were considered. On the basis of the above, 10 logit models (5 full and 5 reduced ones) were built, indicating the relationships between the analyzed variables. The conducted analyses showed that all the estimated models are characterized by the correctness of fit, which is evidenced by the value of the likelihood ratio test. Moreover, the factor affecting the perception of the ethical dimension of business to the largest extent is the position in the company as well as the size of the enterprise. The factor which has no impact is the age of the respondents.