The Students Research Work Organization as a Forward-Looking Pedagogical Method in Conditions of Transition to Industry 4.0

Abstract :

Revolutionary transformations in industry and the informatization of society, the rapid development of science, the introduction of high technologies in production, technological and service processes entail the need to improve the quality of education of young professionals in the IT sphere. The purpose of the article is to describe the algorithm for preparing and organizing the research work of students, the interdisciplinary integration of the subjects being studied and the research activity of students. The algorithm includes innovative ways of organizing the educational process, the possibility of using new educational technologies for the preparation of popular IT-specialists, focused on the creation of high-tech products.?The article presents the algorithm developed by the authors for organizing the research work of students of IT specialties, taking into account promising pedagogical approaches. The algorithm orients future graduates to a phased preparation for innovation, continuous self-education and self-development, taking into account the changing market needs, opportunities and limitations of specific industrial enterprises, IT-companies.