The Roll and Position of Digital Marketing in Republic of Serbia in Area of Public Advertisment, Transversal Studies with Empirical Character

Abstract :

Marketing is the source and ability of marketing operations to initiate on different way various activities for business success. Marketing research as part of marketing activities will determined the marketing requiriments which could be achieved with business activities. The marketing tools should reckognized the results of business activities to keep the level of competition and business success of organization as well. The main marketing main goal is to enable marketing requiriments keeping in mind the existing environment as well as technologies in order to achieve maximum results from the business activities.?Digital communication are is ordinary daily basis communication present in the office and back home as well. Today is not posible to have any business activity or subject without use of digital technologies. There are certain jobs and business activities which could be achieved and executed only electronicaly. The specific progres in the society have been made with mobile techologies. The time line and space do not have importancy as before due to information avialibilty to everyone at the same real time. Traditional aproach is more replaced with modern one based on the information technologies.?The paper subject is about digital marketing in order to improve marketing activities. It is specificaly related to development of certain quality related to promotions and activities in function of media advertisment.