The Role Of The State In Solving Some Problems In The Formation And Development Of The Economy On An Innovative Basis

Abstract :

Relevance. Modern trends in the development of the economy of Kazakhstan remembered with complex changes. On the one hand, these changes are one of the conditions of the process of globalization, which has already covered the entire world, and on the other, one of the ways of successful development of the country and a worthy place in the world community. If the twentieth century was the age of technology, the century of the twenty-first century is the age of education and science, as well as innovation. Therefore, the peculiarity of the research is that it fully meets the modern needs of society's development. Thus, the processes of innovative development require constant regulation and support from the state.?Research objective: conduct a scientific analysis of issues of state regulation of innovative economic development, to prepare theoretical and practical recommendations for improving the competitiveness of the national economy.?Methods: The research tools used in this research systematic analysis, empirical research, synthesis and comparative analysis of theoretical and practical data.?Results achieved: theoretical problems of innovation are comprehensively studied, foreign experience and mechanisms of state regulation of innovative development are scientifically analyzed, and the current state of innovation development in Kazakhstan is analyzed.?Practical significance and applicability of the results:? The problems of development and technological modernization of innovation processes in Kazakhstan have been comprehensively studied, adapted for innovation and recommended for use at the stage of transition to applied research.