The Role of Sensory Marketing in the Rock in Rio Brasil Event and the Tourist Dynamics of the Destination

Abstract :

Most of the human experiences and perceptions are initially acquired through the senses and they influence the purchase decision process; using them as a marketing tool has proved to be an excellent strategy in an attempt to draw the customer's attention to the brand. Sensory marketing as a new strategic tool, through the stimulation of the five human senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell), seeks to increase profits in the short term and create bonds with customers providing them with unique experiences and emotions, with their brands, becoming one of the success factors of share of mind (brand recall), corroborating the process of fixing it in the consumer's mind. Affection for the brand happens when the needs have been met, the experiences lived and the sensations felt. The objective of this manuscript is to identify the role of sensory marketing in the Rock in Rio Brasil event and the tourist dynamics of the destination Rio de Janeiro. In this sense, a descriptive research was carried out, presenting the event Rock in Rio Brasil 2017. This preliminary study will include a theoretical background reflection, where it is verified on sensory marketing, tourism and the Rock in Rio 2017 event. This study represents an important contribution to the area, since marketing and tourism, need constant planning to obtain effectiveness in the expected results, earning dividends to the brands and communities to which they are inserted. Future studies should continue this work, using a qualitative and quantitative methodology, in addition to the participation of Rock in Rio Academic. Although Rock in Rio Brasil is a consolidated event in the country's Events calendar, there is a lack of scientific research with more data about the event, which brings more originality and value to this study.