The Role Of Information In The Process Of Unemployment Reduction

Abstract :

Unemployed individuals often negatively assess employment information available in different offers and desire changes in this area. It was revealed by survey research which was accepted as the basis for constructing the formula presented in this paper.

This formula uses algorithms and element connection models and is supposed to connect three main determinants of the development of the information society which have a fundamental effect on the labour market: information features, phases of informational processes and IT professions.

This paper aims at assessing the role of information in the fight with unemployment. In order to complete the assessment the author used her method of analysing the relationship between certain IT professions, fulfilling successive phases of informational processes and the product of this process, i.e. information on gaining its desirable features and specifying the labour market of IT professions as well as perspectives in this area, in the reality of the information society.

The accepted priority is to depict the relationship between information as a driving force of the information society development and unemployment.