The Role of E-Service Quality in Online Customer Loyalty in Retail Industry

Abstract :

Currently, the internet has become a fitting channel for the trade of products. Gradually traditional and modern retail are using the online platform to sell their products. In this sense, the central aim of this study is is to assess customer satisfaction and loyalty in relation to the e-commerce of the retail Auchan brand by analyzing the dimensions of the quality of the e-service, namely with regard to the placement and delivery of the order. The results obtained show that customers are satisfied with the online services of Auchan de Famalic?o (Portugal), showing greater preference and satisfaction with the Drive service. The contact attributes on the part of employees, compliance with the delivery deadline, comfort and convenience of the service stand out with high satisfaction. On the contrary, the design of the website, the ease of use of the website and the quality of the information available on the website, are the items with the worst evaluation by the customers of this retail brand. Regarding the dimensions of the e-service, the highest levels of satisfaction correspond to Guarantee, Fulfillment and Security, and the levels with the least satisfaction refer to reliability. Additionally, customers expressed strong loyalty to Auchan de Famalic?o's e-commerce. It is recommended that priorities should be established and intervene in terms of the quality of the e-service, particularly the dimensions with the worst evaluation in order to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and, therefore, the performance and profitability of the Auchan de Famalic?o online channel.