The Relationship Between Occupational Stress And Retention In The Service Sector: A Mediating Role Of Internal Organisational Factors

Abstract :

The paper aims to analyse the connection between occupational stress experienced by employees in the service sector and their willingness-to-stay on the one hand, and the effect internal organisational factors have on this relationship on the other. An empirical, quantitative study was conducted among 292 respondents employed in the service sector in Poland. Two psychometric questionnaires were used as well as one questionnaire developed by the author. Results of statistical analysis show that there is a negative correlation between the level of stress and employee retention. Importantly, this relationship is mediated by the assessment of organisational factors (studied using a construct of organisational climate), especially the management style of superiors and the possibilities of promotion and development in the workplace. The results significantly broaden the research on employee retention factors, as they indicate that individual level of occupational stress, which depends both on the job context and personal traits, is as important or even more important than the assessment of organisational factors alone (literature usually points to the importance of organisational factors for employee retention). The study thus contributes to the literature on employee retention in the service sector and provides practical conclusions for employers in countries where there is a problem with employee retention and recruitment of the right candidates.