The Problem of Youth Unemployment and Entrepreneurship

Abstract :

The study is devoted to the problem of youth unemployment and entrepreneurship. The study has revealed an increase in unemployment in low- and middle-income countries, which is a driver of business development, including youth entrepreneurship. It is facilitated by government projects that are less popular in high-income countries than assistance in job creation and job search. The problem of unemployment in low-and middle-income countries is solved by the shifting of priorities from reducing unemployment to increasing employment. The high level of unemployment among young people prevails in the developed countries with a high share of industrial production in GDP. This is due to the need to get an excellent education and qualifications for tech-intensive sectors of the economy. Limited educational opportunities in low- and middle-income countries are not an obstacle to self-employment and entrepreneurship.?The exceptional position of the problem of youth unemployment and entrepreneurship in modern world order is associated with consistent high values of indicators of poverty rate dynamics of working youth, which depends on gender characteristics. High unemployment is observed among young people, both men and women, but employment among young men is significantly higher.