The Phenomenon of Digital Influencers in Light of Empirical Research on Heavy Internet Users belonging to Generation Z

Abstract :

The aim of this paper is to determine the function, position and significance of digital influencers in the entire online advertising and promotion system, and to state how the concept of influencer marketing fosters its further development. For the purpose of this paper, the literature was reviewed regarding the following: the origin, scale and causes of the phenomenon of digital influencers and its influence on the digital advertising and promotion system. Following this stage, surveys were conducted on the group of Internet users to obtain primary data. The results clearly indicate a high potential of activities involving the participation of digital influencers. This is mainly due to the following factors: information on the product or service is communicated effectively, brand awareness is increase d and the level of sales of products and services offered by companies is raised. Based on the research results, initial recommendations along with the statement of risks arising from the concept were formulated.