The Network Values And The Network Effects In The Digital Economy Institutes System

Abstract :

The article considers the conditions of the fifth neural-network technological revolution and the development of a new generation global network - Neuronet. The features of the network human capital formation using highly qualified specialists in the digital economy are disclosed. The basic principles of organizational interactions in the global network are formulated. The contents of the concepts of “network value”, “network effect” are revealed and their characteristics as new elements of the institutional structure of the digital economy are given. The provision of the action in the digital economy of the law of increasing marginal productivity is justified. The principles of the emergence and accounting of network effects in the modern digital economy are formulated. The theoretical views of scientists on the interpretation of the concepts of "network capital" and "network effects" are considered. Methodological approaches to the assessment and measurement of network effects are presented. The methodological approach to accounting and evaluating neural network effects as new objects of intellectual network property are substantiated. It is concluded that it is necessary to include the magnitude of network effects in the value of the gross national product.