The Mediating Effect Of Knowledge Sharing On The Relationship Between IT Adoption And Job Satisfaction In The Planning Department The Ministry Of Education In Jordan

Abstract :

?Information technology adoption is very essential these days because of the wide spread of information technology all over the world. Previous studies investigated the inhibitor of its adoption or its effect on organisational performance, there is lack in studies that investigate the impact of information technology adoption on job satisfaction. This study aims to investigate the impact of information technology adoption on job satisfaction and investigating the mediating effect of knowledge sharing in planning department in the ministry of education in Jordan. To conduct the study 100 questioners were distributed to Educational Planning Department in 20 different educational directorates in Jordan. Multiple and simple regression analysis? methods in addition to Baron and Kenny method for testing the mediation effect were used to test hypotheses of the model.. The result reviled that IT adoption dimensions( Computer and software, Use of IT systems, Data and communication, the part played by IT in the company) have positive impact on job satisfaction and that there is no mediation effect for knowledge sharing.