The Measure Of Enterprise Development Defined By The Use Of IT Systems Supporting Logistic Management: A Comparison Of Poland And Germany

Abstract :

The motivation for undertaking the research was to prove an influence of various tools of logistic management on the enterprise development. ?Authors of the paper specified tools of logistic management as IT systems more and more often used by different enterprises. To indicate the impact of IT systems (in particular ERP, CRM and SCM systems) on enterprise development there were compared 10 economic branches on the grounds of the use of these systems. The aim of the research was to determine, in what trade the IT systems are applied to the highest extend and how does it impact the enterprise development. Additionally there was analysed and compared the use of IT systems by enterprises functioning in particular industries of the Polish and German economy. In the research there were conducted analysis based on the methods of multidimensional benchmarking. The measure of development based on the application of systems fostering logistic management by enterprises of different industries was calculated and the concentration analysis by the means of HH index was conducted. The results of the research were presented in form of Tables.