The “Knowledge Triangle” is a Modern Concept for Managing the Development of Education, Science and Innovation

Abstract :

The purpose of the research is to consider the modern concept of the “Knowledge Triangle” as a universal approach to higher education for the development of innovative economies of states.?The theoretical and methodological base of the research is constituted by the fundamental principles of economic theory and practice, general scientific and special methods of knowing economic reality. The main methods that were used: structural-logical; comparative, the method of detailing and synthesis.?The concept of the “Knowledge Triangle” is becoming a more popular method for regulating innovation and developing state innovation policy. The article provides a conceptual analysis of various definitions of the concept and its relationships with other structures, in particular with national innovation systems. The basic elements of the concept and the possibilities of its application in the development of innovative policy of state innovation policy the state are considered. Attention is focused on a systematic approach to regulating the processes of creating scientific knowledge and innovation.