The Influence Of The Main Characteristics Of The Procurement Procedures On The Savings Achieved In The Purchase Of Motor Vehicles In Romania

Abstract :

The article examines the influence of the main characteristics of the open procurement procedures for the supply of motor vehicles from Romania on the savings achieved. In this regard, from the Romanian Public Procurement System was extracted a sample of 165 lots of vehicles that were awarded in 126 procurement procedures carried out in 2019 (open tenders and simplified procedures).

The research verifies for the analyzed sample if there is an inverse proportional relationship between the number of offers received and the savings achieved. Also, the research tries to determine the point from which the offered price no longer decreases and the efficiency of the use of budgetary funds becomes maximum.

By carrying out 8 unifactorial and multifactorial linear regressions, the research verifies whether the number of offers received depends on the type of procurement procedure and which of the following characteristics of the procedures most influence the achieved savings: the type of procurement procedure, the number of offers received and the estimated value of the procedure.