The Influence Of Social Media Marketing On Brand Equity In Evoking Brand Choice Intention Amongst Smartphone Brands

Abstract :

This study aims to provide further insight into how Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) may affect ones brand choice intention mediated by the level of consumer value in the brand or Brand Equity (Perceived Quality, Brand Awareness, Brand Image) of Samsung and Apple users as they are notably similar brands? which sell smartphones at a relatively premium price compared to its rivals. This research compiled 160 respondents for each brands Samsung and Apple, wherein the writer had simply aimed to provide a general overview of whether the model may be applied to such context and each brand individually. Hence, having processed the data through a Structural Equation Model approach using SmartPLS the writer had found that for both brands there is a significant positive impact of Social Media Marketing Efforts on evoking ones brand loyalty and its outcome brand choice intention; with a higher indirect effect when considering the role Brand Equity has on Brand Loyalty.