The Importance of Psychological Support in Companies in Poland Based on the Results of the Survey “New Trends in Human Resources Management in Large Companies”

Abstract :

The article presents selected results of the research as part of the project: "New trends in human resources management in large companies". The project assumed the identification of social and psychological factors supporting the development of personnel in organizations, identification of intangible assets of the organization and social capital and trust management processes in organizations.?Purpose: The study aimed to illustrate the need for monitoring the mental health of employees from the standpoint of the company representatives and to present the extent to which different forms of psychological support are available in companies.?Methods: Sample: The survey involved 179 representatives of companies randomly selected from 500 largest companies in Poland. Measures: Quantitative methods of measurement were used: CAWI Computer Assisted Web Interview) and the CATI telephone survey (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview). Procedure: The CATI or CAWI surveys were addressed to the representatives of companies with substantive knowledge in the field discussed in the study.?Findings: Of the respondents, 63.7% stated that psychological problems of employees should be monitored in relation to their effect on the functioning of the company, while 6.2% think that there is such a need for such monitoring, but it is the employee who should take responsibility for their problem. When asked about forms of psychological support used in their companies, 60.1% of answers indicated the lack of such support. Among the forms of support available in companies, the most (14.8%) of the choices concerned training oriented at specific skills or problems, while 12.8% concerned support for individual employees.?Research limitations: The research was carried out using survey tools.?Practical implications: The results of the study show a clear discrepancy between the need to monitor psychological problems in employees and the actual psychological support in companies. Therefore, it is necessary not only to increase the entrepreneurs' awareness of the benefits of taking care of the mental health of employees for the company's interest, but also to encourage the implementation of such forms of support in practice. This should be achieved by systemic solutions aimed at increasing the availability of mental health programmes for employees.