The Implementation Of The Marketing Concept In Industrial Contexts: An Exploratory Study In The North Of Portugal

Abstract :

In a period of ?uncertainty as a result of expected economic recession, great competitive rivalry and increasing demand from consumers, companies are currently facing countless difficulties, namely in understanding which is the most adjusted mode of action in the market. Consumers are also more attentive and participative, demanding higher attention, timely and objective responses from organizations to their needs.?In this tricky context, where companies need to strengthen their marketing policies more than ever, market orientation should be reinvigorated and addressed differently focusing consumers. Though this is always the proper approach, nowadays it is even more important, since industrial companies are facing additional surviving and competitive challenges. In this study, a qualitative methodology is proposed using semi-structured interviews as a data collection tool. These interviews were used to understand the relationship between industrial companies and marketing policy implementation. 10 interviews were conducted and analyzed at industrial companies in Barcelos, in the northern region of Portugal.?Results tend to indicate a general lack of knowledge by industrial entrepreneurs regarding the concept of marketing as a market orientation. Marketing is seen as a tool more than as a management philosophy. There is also a notorious disinvestment of the companies in question in this area, in line with the lack of recognition of their potential as a source of competitive advantage. Future research should explore deeper the relationship between the demographic profile of individuals and this adoption of the concept of marketing in industrial activities.