The Employee’s Performance at Faith-Based Organisations: Why Commitment, Motivation and Discipline Matters?

Abstract :

This paper examines the relationship between employee performance and the traits of commitment of workers in faith-based organisations (FBOs). This study used the quantitative method at the national level in two FBOs in Indonesia, and it confirmed the existence of the investigated association. Although the performance of majority of the respondents in both organisation showed moderate performers, this paper showed that the commitment of workers in FBO is a tremendous potential factor. The respondents indicated their strong commitment to do their tasks, especially the commitment to serve the community at any time and outside their working hours. The readiness to serve the beneficiaries become the potential factors in FBO whether it belonged to the government or the private sector because the supporting system and culture at FBO that support affective dan normative commitment of the workers. These findings is helpful to our understanding of administrative policies implementation in human service organisation. The practise in human service organisation, especially FBO, have to make existence of employees as individuals and as an integral part of the social environment within an organisation.