The Development of the Entrepreneurship Initiatives in Romania Based on the Principles of the Collaborative Economy

Abstract :

The purpose of this scientific article is to empiricaly analyze the situation of Romania in terms of collaborative economy, the challenges and opportunities related to the development of innovative entrepreneurial initiatives in this field, as well as the role of the new 5G information technologies in supporting them. The research results highlights the benefits that can be obtained within the collaborative economy, as well as the very important role of 5G technology in supporting the development of this type of economy. On the other hand, the research shows that the collaborative economy is not yet well developed in Romania, especially due to the lack of regulation by the national authorities, the increased sense of ownership of the citizens, and also because the companies are still linked to the traditional production model and consumption. Romania has the logistical framework necessary for the development of the collaborative economy, and the main solutions to stimulate it are represented by the creation of a well elaborated legislative framework, the support of the entrepreneurial initiatives in this field and the education of the consumers / users.