The Development of Instruments for Countering Insurance Fraud – Polish And International Solutions

Abstract :

The article addresses the issue of insurance fraud in the aspect of instruments used to limit this negative phenomenon on the market. This is a fairly complex economic problem that affects the entire insurance sector, both in terms of domestic and global market. The article indicates the scale of insurance fraud by referring to the figures concerning selected foreign markets as well as data relating to the Polish insurance market. Joint initiatives often adopting the nature of system solutions were illustrated using Poland as an example, but also in relation to the three largest insurance markets in Europe, i.e. the United Kingdom, Germany and France. The internal instruments used by insurers in countering insurance fraud were also presented. This is the result of research among key insurers on the financial market in Poland and trends in international markets based on information from insurance institutions. The article ends with conclusions on possible solutions to increase the efficiency of fraud detection, which may contribute to reducing this negative phenomenon on the insurance market.