The Critical Link Between Knowledge Management and Succession Management at Higher Education Institutions

Abstract :

Purpose:?The purpose of this paper is to provide the growing range of literature review and offers a comprehensive review for new researchers with a specific focus on the relationship between knowledge management and succession planning at higher education institutions.?Background: This study will get a better idea of how higher education institutions deal with the danger of face the risk of knowledge loss due to long absence at workplace. Most of the literature on succession planning was focused on healthcare and limited literature for the education sector.?Methodology: This paper is based on an extensive traditional literature review search of published articles that primarily address the concept of knowledge management and succession management. The study has categorized the literature representing knowledge management introduction, challenges facing by higher education for knowledge retaining, succession management and linking relationship of knowledge management and succession planning.?Results: The changing role of the higher education system is all part of the globalization process. This study sets the global context which can help for new leadership processes in the higher education system. Today, higher education institutes are playing a big role to create university leaders.?Conclusion: There are some challenges faced by knowledge management in terms of retaining leadership within the organization, which includes culture, knowledge retaining, technology and directive leadership. This article approaches the topic of knowledge management in the context of succession management. The relationship between knowledge management and succession planning can improve the decision-making capabilities of academic leaders.