The “Cost Of Accidents” In The Forming Of National Policy On Road Transport Safety

Abstract :

Strict determined conditions of macroeconomic indicators for traffic regulation level special importance acquires "cost" aspect of its safety. Exclusively on the clear definition basis of amount of material damage (i. e. notional value) from road accidents one can judge the profitability of certain preventive measures and, in general, the effectiveness of the corresponding direction of state policy. Compulsory guarantee of the completeness and objectivity of calculating the economic consequences of the road accidents are the correct determination of their structure. In addition to the obvious losses (damage to vehicles, cargo, road infrastructure, payment for treatment and medical rehabilitation of the victims, etc.) almost every accident causes a number of incidental and consequential costs, which in their totality have a significant impact on the state of the economy (both local and national). Without taking these costs into account it is very difficult to find out the real economic scale of an accident, to identify priority areas for accident prevention, and to evaluate the profitability of road safety measures and programs.