The Concept of Assessing Logistic Capabilities of Maritime Container Terminals – A Case Study in Poland

Abstract :

The paper presents a concept of assessing logistic capabilities of maritime container terminals on the example of Poland, in which management and applied logistics methods have been used. The solution suggested in the paper comes as a model which offers a possibility of providing a parametric evaluation of the analysed facilities in terms of their logistic capabilities, with consideration of criteria related to the logistic interoperability levels and actual maximal annual cargo handling capacity of the discussed facilities. The results obtained during the research can be applied to configure land-sea logistic transport chains and to evaluate capability levels of handling potential customers by the discussed facilities. The study is of conceptual nature, however it has been verified based on the data provided by the Polish maritime container terminals for the years 2015-2016. It has been written under the individual project Modelling Strategical Capabilities of Maritime Industry on the Example of Poland – an Economic and Defensive Area , implemented by the Author at the Baltic Centre of Applied Logistics.