The Business Model of a Plastic Waste Recycling Project in the Context of the Strategic Integration of Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship

Abstract :

Currently, the priority of the national economy is the course towards its accelerated innovative development. In this regard, there is an increased interest on the part of business entities not only in the problem of generating innovative business ideas, but also in their commercialization. Therefore, the issues of formation and development of technological entrepreneurship are becoming key at the present stage of economic development.?As part of the study, the essence and content of the process of technological entrepreneurship, its investment and design aspect, are examined. The study reflects the logic of building a business model based on an innovative business idea. The presented conceptual business model of the project reflects the aspects of project management, the value proposition to the market, the main risks of the project, the stages of the project development are identified and the conditions for its viability are formulated. As a business case for the design decisions, a financial model is presented that proves the economic efficiency of the project and its investment attractiveness. The constructed business model will help the entrepreneur understand the logic of creating profit and evaluate the technical, market and economical feasibility of the project.