The Approaches To Managing Of Industrial Enterprises On The Ecosystems And Digitalization Principles

Abstract :

Digital technologies now provide opportunities for inclusive and sustainable economic growth, in all sectors of the economy. The digital transformation is helping companies?discover and monetize new business models. That might mean delivering new value added services for the fleet of products forming installed base. Or it might mean creating entirely new revenue streams for a company. The article highlights how to obtain the benefits of digital economy in order to realize greater job creation, increase country competitiveness, and allow for diversification and innovations in service delivery to improve the lives of people.

The development of industrial ecosystems is one of the methods for economic growth. The authors propose to evaluate the effectiveness of industrial ecosystems using KPI methods based on corresponding of industrial ecosystems aims from the standpoint of global benchmarking.

The authors concluded that in modern economic conditions it is necessary to consider new approach - digital innovation ecosystem, which has a number of important advantages.