The Antecedents of Parent’s Preferences of Religious Based-School: Lesson from the Biggest Moslem Country

Abstract :

This study aims to determine the factors that influence parents’ decisions in choosing an Islamic school for their children. This study used the snowball sampling technique with a sample of 1,613 respondents who are placing their children in seven schools in the Jakarta Metropolitan Area. It applied SEM PLS to examine the proposed hypotheses. It found that the school performance had the most considerable influence, followed by location, religiosity, and socioeconomic status, respectively. The moderating test revealed that there were no differences between socioeconomic factors and parent’s decisions, neither gender nor the number of children. While marital status moderated the influence of socioeconomic factors and school performance on the parent’s decision. It implies that the parent’s decision is a dyadic planned decision, in which a couple has the same weight of responsibility to determine which school they will place their children.