System of State Support for Agricultural Producers in Conditions of Digital Agriculture. Russian and Foreign Experience of Agriculture Digitalization

Abstract :

The aim of this work is to identify opportunities for digital transformation in the agro-industrial complex on the basis of state support.?The research was based on the works of both domestic and foreign scientists on the theoretical and practical aspects of state support for digitalization of the agro-industrial complex, as well as official statistics and documents characterizing state and targeted programs for agricultural development. The methodology of the work was the dialectical method of cognition and a systematic approach. In the process of research, such general scientific methods and techniques as scientific abstraction, analysis and synthesis, grouping methods, and comparisons were used. This paper presents the main directions of financial support for agricultural organizations in Russia and foreign countries, and also analyzes the allocated support in foreign countries. The authors also reveal some issues of the application of digital economy technologies in the agricultural sectors of Russia. The digital backwardness of the country is emphasized, which creates significant barriers to the digitalization of individual sectors of the economy. The work also focuses on the informatization of agriculture in the context of the digital transformation of the economy.?Analysis of statistical data over recent years allows us to conclude that the most positive results in this matter have been achieved in the Central, Ural and North Caucasus Federal Districts. To strengthen the positive results in the development of the agro-industrial complex, constant state support for the innovative development of agricultural producers in the Volga, Siberian, and North-West federal districts is necessary.?To date, the necessity of providing state aid to agricultural producers is still very acute. In modern economic conditions, the key to sustainable development of an agricultural enterprise is its optimal financial support. State support is an integral part of the system of state regulation of all sectors of the agricultural sector.?The factors hindering the development of digitalization in agriculture are highlighted. The directions of increasing the competitiveness of agriculture on the basis of its digitalization are formulated. The main parameters that determine the fate of digital innovation in agriculture are determined.