Synergy in Shaping Shopping Experience in the Omnichannel Concept

Abstract :

This paper is devoted to the process of implementing omnichannel concept in companies. Omnichannel’s main idea is to integrate all channels between customers and companies. Omnichannel state of the art has been just scratched, that is why, there are close to none guides, that can help companies to implement the omnichannel concept. Creating the sequence of integrating channels in implementation the omnichannel concept is a natural next step for authors’ current research. It is an extension to recent authors’ studies of factors in implementation the omnichannel concept. However, the sequences of integrating channels can lead to different results. Recommendations regarding the integration process and its sequence provides guidelines for senior management to take a decision, on how the implementation process should be performed correctly. The sequence of integrating channels shows not only the implementation process itself, but it corresponds with the level of omnichannel concept company can acquire. Having knowledge about these aspects can lead to better understanding on, how to coordinate company’s divisions, which take part in customer service process, during implementation. This article mainly focuses on potential customers’ knowledge. Data about shopping experience was acquired from survey and from in-depth interviews with potential customers. ?The primary objective, of this research, is to answer the question: ?combination of which customers service channels can give synergy effect in customers’ shopping experience?”.