Sustainable Quality Culture in Higher Education Institutions in Poland

Abstract :

Both in practice and in the literature on the subject, significant trends can be observed in the change of widely understood management in the higher education sector. New trends are caused, among others, by economic, social or political changes. Currently, the higher education sector in Poland is a perfect example of that. New legal regulations impose a bigger responsibility on universities for their actions. The aim of the article is to indicate examples showing the process of creating a diversified types quality cultures at Polish universities. The methodology of research is qualitative whereas the research method is based on a case study comparative analysis of the data gained from interviews, observations and documentation. The sample is non-random and heterogenic to find examples showing the process of creating a diverse quality culture at universities in Poland. There are cases of quality culture of universities. The contribution of the article to the issue of sustainable higher education is the characteristics of the three fields of sustainable university culture development. There is a clear differentiation between public and non-public universities which introduce sustainable quality culture to their own academic culture, shaped over the years. Universities strive to create a sustainable quality culture which is possible to achieve by building it over a long period of time, taking into account quality assurance processes, academic ethos and mutual trust of stakeholders engaged in the process.