Study On Resources Influencing Organizational Resilience

Abstract :

Abstract. Constantly increasing customer’s requirements, more demanding markets and unstable social and economic situation forces organizations in recent years to care more about sustainable development and face both foreseen and unpredictable challenges. On the basis of such experiences term organizational resilience was developed. However, despite dozens of researches, still there is lack of knowledge in regards to solid definition of the term, way of measuring resilience or identifying particular resources which play role in increasing the resilience. This paper was developed to assess resources which play a main role in building and increasing organizational resilience. Within the paper authors have defined following hypothesis: perceiving types of resources’ influence on organizational resilience is different depending on employment level within the organization. Topic of organizational resilience is comparatively novel. The paper is one of the first researches which presents organizational resilience within area of resources management. Within the paper authors are using both theoretical and empirical data. Main source of data are researches so far available and author’s broad literature review. As an empirical data authors are using results from survey which they have carried out amongst 216 business representatives from 13 countries across the world.??????