Stock Management Analyses in a Modern Distribution Firm

Abstract :

The correct study of stocks in modern distribution firms is a key concept to the management teams, since they are essential for the correct functioning the organization, with the objective of a future sale, its application or transformation. The existence of stock, as well as stock control analysis systems, can facilitate the analysis of firm stock levels, which allows for a better delineation and allows for better demand response.?To analyze and optimize the stock levels of the modern distribution firm store several performance indicators were analyzed during this study. It was found that breaks in stocks were very high and far from the objectives outlined for the store. The origin of the ruptures in the two analyzed time-spaces, came from the universe of fast-moving consumer goods.?Forecasting models were studied to determine which could be more appropriate to adopt by the firm. Given the retail sector characteristics, in which there was a strong seasonal component, for the sweet grocery category the additive Holt-Winters model was shown to be the most effective. However, it was not the most effective in all categories, so the model should be adopted according to the category in question.