State Defense Readiness as The Support for the National Security System

Abstract :

The states of defense readiness of the state are an extremely important issue related to maintaining security in the state. Individual entities, in order to be properly prepared to respond to various types of threats to national security, are obliged under the state’s permanent defense readiness to perform specific tasks. This is to properly prepare them for efficient functioning in changed crisis and war conditions. The appropriate level and implementation of the tasks of permanent defense readiness of the state is very important and will have an impact on achieving higher states of defense readiness of the states, i.e. during a crisis and a war.?Due to the variety of contemporary threats related to their unpredictability, volatility and surprise in the state’s defense readiness, it is extremely important to maintain the ability to quickly make decisions and respond to growing threats, which is why it is so important to properly prepare the individual entities responsible for state security.