Standard Operating Procedures for Vocational Training in Rehabilitation Centers: What Have we Missed?

Abstract :

Indonesia has determined that all central government-owned, regional government-owned, state-owned and regionally owned enterprises are required to employ persons with disabilities (PwD) at the rate of at least 2% of all employees. Private companies, meanwhile, must employ PwD at the rate of at least 1%. The National Vocational Rehabilitation Center (NVRC) or Balai Besar Rehabilitasi Vokasional Bina Daksa in Bahasa is an institution offering services for PwD to help them gain employment at formal institutions. At NVRC, PwD acquire skills that are useful in the workplace setting through education and training offered by experts, including social workers and instructors. In addition to job skills, many PwD require psychological support to cope with their workplace settings. The process by which NVRC delivers these services is fundamental because the competence of PwD in the workplace is strongly dependent on the quality of their education or training they receive.