Staff Recruitment in the Digital Age

Abstract :

Digital technologies are changing the methods of organizing work and managing human capital, which significantly improves the company's competitive position in the market, reduces the number of expenses and directly affects the amount of profit and the number of attracted customers. The formation of intelligent and digital network systems in the future will create self-organizing and self-governing organizations in which equipment, machines, employees and products interact and collaborate directly with each other. Such an intelligent connection will make management more flexible and efficient. Of great importance in the management of human capital begins to acquire "digital thinking." Enterprises around the world invest millions of rubles a year on the selection, development, and retention of personnel, assessment, and training. But the main attention is paid to the selection of personnel, which in the digital era can be called digital recruiting. Digital recruitment is the process of leveraging digital technology to the source, attraction, assess, select and hire candidates for vacant positions. This includes leveraging job boards, career websites, mobile recruiting, online assessments, and social recruiting. According to Forbes, about 40% of companies in the US use HCM, ERP, and other recruitment management cloud solutions.