Stablecoins – Potential New Money And Potential New Problems For Regulators

Abstract :

Cryptocurrencies with a stabilised value called stablecoins are supposed to become the solution to the problem of a significant variability of the value of cryptocurrencies against fiat money. Despite their imperfection, stablecoins are developing dynamically.

The aim of the article is to indicate substantial problems of international character that regulators and supervisors of the financial market need to face in the context of developing stablecoins in every country with the access to the internet.

On the basis of the information included in the four main parts of the article, a doubt may arise whether the cooperation of supervisory national and international institutions itself in the style practised so far is enough. It raises the question concerning the necessity and possibility to institutionalise and centralise international cooperation of regulators and supervisors of by its very nature global market of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.