Specific Solution Search Concepts For Cooperative Game Theoretic PPP Model

Abstract :

The mechanism of state private partnership allows overcoming the limited opportunities of the state to implement social and infrastructure projects requiring the accumulation of significant financial resources. By combining with private business, the state can transfer to it some of the risks associated with investment facilities, and at the same time use the experience of the private sector in order to improve the quality of services provided and increase the efficiency of infrastructure management. The organization of PPP is a rather difficult task and depends on the correct assessment of the economic feasibility of projects and the degree of satisfaction of the partnership participants with the return on investment.?On the basis of an analytical review, the article obtained informative economic interpretations of the classic solutions of cooperative games with transferable utilities within the framework of the game-theoretic model of PPPs, which allow us to draw informative conclusions about the patterns of development of these relations in the current Russian economy.