Social Innovations in Municipal Housing Management

Abstract :

The purpose of the article is to identify the possibilities of implementing social innovations in municipal housing management. A review of the literature pointed to the existence of potential and needs to search for innovations within the relations of tenants of municipal housing, other city residents and jointly inhabited urban space. The article identifies the special role that can be played by the entity managing municipal premises in the process of implementing social innovations. The network of municipal premises scattered throughout the city creates a special environment in which the needs for social innovation can meet with the creativity of research communities or social activities in finding them. The publication presents the results of research on a representative group of 531 respondents in the area of their interest in activities related to improving the quality of common space, developing neighbourly bonds, creating a network of neighbourhood aid scheme and willingness to participate in such assistance system. The obtained results for the questions above confirm the special role of the entity managing the municipal housing in implementing innovations and their positive reception by respondents. Conducted research allowed for examination of municipal housing’s needs, managed by ZGM TBS in developing solutions that are the tools for the formation of civil society